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Mobile Mac Techs

For 20 years Mobile Mac Techs has provided top-notch, on-site/drop-off repair and upgrade services for Apple products in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are responsive to your needs, highly expert at solving problems and connected to Apple insiders to help advise and keep you up-to-date on what's best for you and your Mac computers. Contact us now to get started on improving your Mac environment!

Item Name Price
Hourly Labor (Shop Rate) $59
On-Site Fee $45
On-Site Hourly labor(minimum 2 hours) $89
Diagnostic Fee $35
Data Recovery Attempt $98
Data Recovery (per GB Data Recovered) $1

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@MobileMacTechs May 25, 21:56

GreenWaste Recovery on #Yelp: This company is BS!! They slammed my recycling bin into my truck and will not accept…

@MobileMacTechs May 16, 02:10

Mobile Mac Techs Apple Mac Repair on #Yelp: We use only the safest and effective methods for chip replacement andPC…

@MobileMacTechs Dec 21, 20:25

Bay Area Gun Vault on #Yelp: Twee was very very helpful and funny. Answered all my questions about gun laws while I…

@MobileMacTechs Oct 12, 15:00

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@MobileMacTechs May 25, 21:35

MT Smog Check Star Station on #Yelp: Fast and super nice guys! Thanks for getting me in 'n' out so quickly! :)

@MobileMacTechs May 25, 19:05

On my way just talk to you on the phone thank you (@ MT Smog Check Star Station) on #Yelp

@MobileMacTechs Apr 12, 17:35

Bay Area Phone Doctor on #Yelp: I send all my iPhone and iPad repairs to Jamie! He is very reliable and reasonable …

@MobileMacTechs Feb 26, 19:07

Flat Rate Mobile Notary on #Yelp: Flat Rate Mobile Notary has 5 stars for a reason.. They answered my call fast and…

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Round Table Pizza on #Yelp: I will never order from This Round Table again! The last time I called they would not h…

@MobileMacTechs Feb 09, 18:32

Mobile Mac Techs on #Yelp: We fix water/liquid damaged Mac Books!!

@MobileMacTechs Jan 29, 15:15

Mobile Mac Techs on #Yelp: Me with Scott McGrew from NBC. Repaired his MacBook for him. :)

@MobileMacTechs Apr 28, 16:13

Great little Mac up for sale! :)

@MobileMacTechs Mar 27, 21:31

CityFit LLC on #Yelp: Need a serious workout to get exactly the tone and definition you want? Marc Payne is the best…

@MobileMacTechs Dec 21, 13:47

Mobile Mac Techs on #Yelp: Another busy day at Mobile Mac Techs!

@MobileMacTechs Dec 01, 16:45

This one has has 1 non responsive USB. Needs SSD drive and a power adapter! Tech special here!...

@MobileMacTechs Nov 19, 13:09

It's iMac repair day! Another busy day @ Mobile Mac Techs aka

@MobileMacTechs Oct 16, 15:22

Mid 2011 Apple MacBook Air 1.7Ghz. Intel i5 4GB/128 SSD...

@MobileMacTechs Oct 16, 15:21

256GB SSD for Macbook Air Mid 2011 A1369 A1370 A1466 OEM SAMSUNG EMC 2

@MobileMacTechs Oct 04, 14:24

This is a great deal!

@MobileMacTechs Oct 03, 05:34

MacBook Pro for sale...

@MobileMacTechs Sep 26, 14:59

'Vast majority' of Mac users safe from Shellshock bash bug, Apple says - CNET

@MobileMacTechs Sep 22, 14:42

Here is a MacBook Pro still for sale $475 gets it! :)

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Need a great used Apple MacBook Pro laptop for the price?Comes loaded with new software! Look or pass it on!...

@MobileMacTechs Aug 20, 17:46

Need Mac help? Call me! :)

@MobileMacTechs Aug 20, 00:48

Mobile Mac Techs on #Yelp: Video chip repair

@MobileMacTechs Aug 14, 16:12

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